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The new Kult Worker collection is here!

Discover the exclusive Kult Worker workwear collection from TMG - your tailor-made solution for high-quality workwear in various industries. Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities, from specially made work pants for your industry.
Kult Worker presents an extensive range of robust and functional workwear options tailored to the needs of professional users. From hard-wearing dungarees to stylish pants and specialized designs for tradesmen and logistics experts, each piece combines exceptional durability with practical functionality.
Create a uniform image outfit that perfectly matches your company with our collection and leave a lasting impression on your customers. Rely on Kult Worker to provide you with a professional look and unsurpassed comfort in everyday working life. Create a strong presence that makes your company stand out in the market with our selection tailored to your needs.
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Sold out
TMG Work shorts Kult Worker blue W34

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We are TMG - brand, manufacturer and dealer in one. Everything from a single source and from a single source. As a manufacturer of workwear, we have permanently expanded our range. The fact that we are directly involved in production means that we can guarantee the quality that we have come to appreciate so much.

Our products are characterized by being comfortable to wear, highly robust and very practical. As you buy directly from the manufacturer, we can offer you our work pants, dungarees, work jackets and much more at an unbeatable price. Because that is part of our philosophy. Robust workwear doesn't have to be expensive.

If you think that this is at the expense of our seamstresses, we can assure you that such practices do not exist with us. Regular and strict inspections guarantee this claim.